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Cash for Business has long recognised the need for a funding solution when traditional lenders cannot or will not help.

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Cash for Business is that solution.

Time is money, so the focus is on offering a simple application and fast approval process. Followed by prompt settlement. It literally puts finance in the palm of your hand.

This short term business loan is for when you need money fast, the traditional finance is too challenging or requires security you cannot or do not want to offer. It is unsecured up to $100000, and will help you grow your business, seize opportunities that might otherwise be lost, or simply help manage your cash flow through a quiet time.

Suitable for all businesses with a trading history of 6 months or more, and average monthly revenue of $10000 or more, the loan amounts range from $5000 to $75000.

To get the funds into your account in the shortest time, you are encouraged to lodge requests for amounts to $50000 by applying through the link here.

For amounts greater than $50000 the process is similar but slightly more support is required. You will need to download the application form here and print/ complete the form and email it to Trevor who will contact you directly.

Alternatively, if you would rather discuss the short term business loan, simply click on the contact me.

If you require $5,000 - $250,000 we have made it easy for you

Top reasons why you need extra working capital

  • Cash flow assistance
  • Purchasing new stock or equipment
  • Renovating or expanding your business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Deposit on asset finance
  • Funds to start new contracts or jobs
  • Operational expenses
  • ATO tax arrears-lending parameters applies

Fast and Simple Application Process

Forward Documents

Fast Assessment

Contracts Signed

Cash in Bank

Use for Any Business Need

Example Scenario 1

Type of Business: Medical Equipment Wholesaler

Required Loan: $200,000

Loan Purpose:
The client is a medical equipment wholesaler who recently won a contract for a new hospital. They require $200,000 in order to purchase additional stock to fulfill the new contract and do not have assets to back them up. The business has strong cashflow and will be able to repay the loan over a 12 month period.

Solution: Contact Cash 4 Business today to organise an unsecured loan up to $100000!

Medical equipment supplier
Clothing Wholesaler

Example Scenario 2

Type of Business: Clothing Wholesaler

Required Loan: $250,000

Loan Purpose:
The client requires $250,000 to purchase stock direct from a manufacturer in Asia who requires Cash On Delivery terms. Previously, the client was purchasing stock from a range of wholesalers in Australia who allows 30 to 60 day payment terms. The new supplier would allow for a 20% margin increase but funding the Cash On Delivery payment creates a working capital requirement and the client lacks any form of asset security.

Solution: Contact Cash 4 Business today to organise an unsecured loan up to $100000!

Example Scenario 3

Type of Business: Hospitality

Required Loan: $120,000

Loan Purpose:
The client is seeking $120,000 to purchase a new franchise. The owner’s house is fully geared and there are no other assets available to use as security. The client has used the cash flow from their existing franchise business to raise a large portion of the funding for the new franchise.

Solution: Contact Cash 4 Business today to organise an unsecured loan up to $100000!

Hospitality professionals

Getting a business loan
should be this simple.

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